Maryam Al-Joaan is an icon, not just for our Kuwaiti society, but for the female pioneers and entrepreneurs of the Middle East. Maryam has been selected to embark on a Canadian expedition bound for Antarctica in February 2011, see link here.

Maryam is in need of a sponsor for her expedition, so please don’t hesitate to help. If you're not responsible for sponsorship, then please mention this terrific opportunity to the person in charge. Come on everyone, let's make this happen!

You can contact her at maljoaan@ksclub.org or q80girl@gmail.com

For more details visit her Facebook page or see 360Dewan's post regarding Maryam!

Best of luck & success to Maryam & her team! :)
8/3/2010 08:51:36 pm

Thanks so much for spreading the word. Now, I got full sponsorship for this expedition from VIVA. I'm very excited :)


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