For those of you fabulous girls who LOVE to shop (that makes most of us) and have deep pockets (ok, that narrows it down) Excitations, a unique gift-giving company, is offering private NYC shopping tours starting from $500. It isn't pocket-friendly, but instead of aimlessly wandering the streets of Manhattan, you and a friend can get a guided tour of the Garment District that makes stops at showrooms, sample sales, and boutiques. You'll also get access to inside sales and merchandise at wholesale prices.

Because not every fashionista is created equal, before embarking on your fashion journey, you must fill out a survey designed to customize your tour. After a day of nonstop shopping, get treated to lunch at a trendy restaurant, along with a gift bag. Who knows, you may even get a chance to chat with a designer. If you have cash to burn and want an effortless NYC shopping experience, this is perfect for you. It's time to start hinting this to the boys!

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