They say there will always be someone richer, cooler, and younger than you are. This is especially true in New York, where a new influx of youths with impressive lineage, fantastic footwear, and obnoxiously smooth skin arrives in town seemingly every day. And we're not talking about the ones who come via plane, train, automobile, or Chinatown bus. We're talking about the kids who are born here — who burst onto the scene from the bodies of New York's power players (or a surrogate) with a reservation number from a restaurant you will never get into already in their tiny hands. Who start out their lives peeing on Frette linens. Who get their first Prada shoes before they can walk. Who have the power to shut down FAO Schwarz and play out the whole scene from Big whenever they feel like it. Many of them are already household names: Apple, Moses, Suri, and Willow. 

Meet Carolina & Liliana Falcone: Age: 5½ (b. February 2005)
Philip Falcone’s Harbinger Capital may be having a little legal trouble at the moment, and their mom, philanthropist/producer/fashion plate Lisa, is still burning her way through Bergdorf. But with a family fortune estimated at $2.8 billion, it's safe to say young Carolina and Liliana will be able to afford anything their little hearts desire. Carolina and Liliana will grow up more coddled than inbred infantas, and on their 18th birthday they’re to open a treasure trove of designer gowns that’s presently being collected for them (LUCKY THEM!!):

"I bought a dress at Oscar de la Renta that reminds me of Liliana. It’s like a cupcake. I put it in a box with a note telling her all about the night I wore it. When the girls turn 18, I will give them the keys to a storage space. I’m putting all sorts of things in it."

Born at the crossroads of obscene wealth and lippy sass, these little Lass Fauntleroys are sure to cause trouble.

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