Prince William & Kate Middleton are reportedly rumored to be "engaged" soon (noooooooo), and these news serve as a muse to bridal designers across the globe.

Some of the world's famous gown designers have created stunning designs especially for the future Princess To-Be, and each gown was inspired by Kate's personal style.

Apparently, wedding souvenirs for the public have been in the works since 2006! British retailer 'Woolworths' said it will have 100,000 products ready to roll out within 48 hours of a wedding announcement! Geez!

Click on each photo and read what each gown designer had to say about their gorgeous creation. Which one do YOU think she should wear to wed the handsome Prince William (*sigh*)??

(BTW, their royal extravaganza is rumored to cost the British tax payer approximately $40m!!!)

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