Normally, we write posts related to fashion, beauty & style, but Pataya Beach Thai Restaurant is one of our absolute faves-- we just HAD to feature it on our blog!
Pataya Beach is a hole-in-the-wall spot located in Kuwait City. It may not be much in appearance, but the food, the friendly Thai staff, & cleanliness more than make up for its lack of fancy decor. Not only is the food FANTASTIC, but it is also 100% AUTHENTIC & FRESH! We first found out about it in an airplane magazine article as a "place to eat while in Kuwait," & then we heard about it again via word of mouth. We also heard they filmed a cooking show episode there as well! After all this we just had to try it out! Here is what we ordered on Saturday:

-1 Tom Yum Shrimp Soup Bowl (enough for 2)
-2 Pad Thai Chicken (we like to order individual servings since we are huge Pad Thai fans!)
-1 Red Curry Chicken (enough for 2, since we ordered the individual Pad Thais)
-1 Vegetable Fried Rice (enough for 2, since we ordered the individual Pad Thais)
-2 bottles of water

The total for everything was around 8KD, so to top it all off it's also very affordable!

In the past we've also tried:
-Green Curry Chicken
-Toma Ka Soup Bowl

Overall, we give all of the food we've tried 5/5 stars! We've tried other Thai Spots around town (one of them being The Blue Elephant @ the Hilton-- which was horrible), but none of them have compared to the authenticity & freshness of Pataya Beach. Everything there is so nicely infused with fresh herbs and ingredients (lemongrass, mushrooms, etc). It truly is a hidden gem :)

Pataya Beach restaurant is located in Kuwait City (inside the travel agency mall behind the Kuwait Airways building)
Telephone: 2240-8052 (they don't deliver, but we noticed several people picking up take-away orders).
Has anyone else tried it? If so, let us know your thoughts!

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