The Up Yer Pole pole dancing school in Scotland has begun offering classes for elementary schoolers ages six to 12. Up Yer Pole calls the lessons “pole fit” classes, alleging they are gymnastics classes with no sexual dancing and are open to both girls and boys.

The move has sparked outrage among worried parents and child-care campaigners - with one claiming it verges on kid porn. One horrified mum - who emailed Lanarkshire-based Up Yer Pole for more info on their £5 tutorials - said: "The lessons are promoted as a way to keep fit. But they're so closely linked to the sex industry that it's really sleazy."

The kids' classes were even linked to a website offering nipple tassle twirling lessons. The under-16s lessons have already begun and are being held above the Cotton Club nightspot in Wishaw, Lanarkshire.


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