Ladies and gentlemen, today we will introduce to you two functional necklaces that could perhaps change your lives (so I'm exaggerating a bit). Ok, ok, so I will definitely come clean and say that the first one would have definitely come in handy during our trip to the Tuscan Region!

1. Meet the wine necklace! The handy garment allows you to suspend a wine glass – the best jewel of all – around your neck. It sells for around $25 and has been seen on the Rachel Ray show!


Now meet the BookHanger Necklace! For all you bookworms on the go, a necklace chain that doubles as a book hanger! Each one is different, and is made of chain, leather, and multicolor string. Comes in three lengths (large is shown on model), and it is sold for $33. Just make sure not to hang any boring books on it because that just wouldn't look good (???).

Ta-da! :)

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