Are we the only ones that think she's... well... what's the right word... I don't know... Watch the video below & let us know your thoughts! Anyway, here goes the article:

Miss USA, Rima Fakih, is the latest Miss Universe 2010 contestant to be outfitted in a national costume that's bound to ruffle some feathers at the Aug. 23 pageant.

The Arab American stunner from Michigan will take to the Las Vegas stage dressed as a magnificent golden eagle -- inspired by one on the presidential seal -- designed and created for her by Victoria's Secret Fashion Show costumer Martin Izquierdo. Fakih says she intends to walk the Miss Universe stage as an "symbol of peace" in tribute to U.S. President Barack Obama.

Fakih's costume features a "feather"-trimmed gold leotard with a crystal-embellished bustline and corseted lace-up back for an effect that the reigning Miss USA compares to a "Thanksgiving turkey." Massive golden wings with silver stars jutting out complete the look.

In an open letter to Obama, part of Fakih's "Tribute to the USA" video (above), she explains her national costume choice: "The amazing costume I will be wearing during the Miss Universe Pageant represents the celebration of life, love, liberty and all that is American," she says as patriotic music plays in the background.

"The eagle holds an olive branch and arrows which denote the powers of peace and war. The eagle faces right to show a preference to peace over war. They symbol of this costume is a tribute to your work to bring peace to the world." She finishes by saying, "Fly high, Mr. President." No comment.

Izquierdo, who is shown in the video working in his studio, explains that Miss USA officials came to him seeking a "bald eagle" costume for Fakih, but "after researching various images I realized it wasn't going to be glamorous enough and for this pageant, it's more important to be glamorous." His completed work represents a "golden eagle with rays of sun coming behind her."

An addition to the costume will be an embroidered replica of the presidential seal, which Izquierdo just happened to have on hand from a recently completed rapper's costume.

Fakih, who declared the completed costume "perfect" and "All American," was thrilled to be working with Izquierdo. "I've always looked forward to the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show every year... and all the unique wings and this is the guy who does it!," she says as she walks into his studio shaking her hands with excitement.


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