It is ridiculous to question why Diego Armando Maradona does ANYTHING, but the reason behind him wearing two watches during the Argentina vs Nigeria game is actually a simple one: Maradona ALWAYS wears two watches when he travels: one set to local time, and one set to the time back in Argentina. Let's just face it. Maradona is simply a man full of extravagant bling-bling. I don't think we will ever see him without his large diamond earrings, gold chains, and apparently, now we will never see him travel to a World Cup match unless luxury toilet seats are installed in his hotel rooms (The E-Bidet features a heated seat, a warm air blow-dryer, front and rear bidet wands, & sells for $450/358 euros). He also enjoys the feel of Rolex watches around his wrists, but then we heard the Italian tax authorities enjoy it a bit more after they seized a pair from him to start repaying the $39m in taxes he owes them. LOL! Now, we will only see the futbol legend holding his Rosary beads while wearing his Hublot Special Edition watches which feature a silhouette of the former player raising his arms in victory. Kinda cool!

What do you think of his Hublot Special Edition??

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