Talk about flying first-class.

London's Gatwick Airport is offering pasty jet-setters free St. Tropez spray tans after a poll found that vacationers would rather expose their cellulite or belly bulge than their pale skin, the Daily Mail reports.

According to research by the airport, men are more worried than women about looking pale on holiday.

Those polled said that their biggest holiday gripe is baring their pale skin, with 32 per cent of people dreading revealing their pasty complexion.

The findings were announced at the launch of Gatwick Glow, which offers passengers St Tropez spray tans before they fly. Travellers said they felt more comfortable revealing their cellulite and wobbly bellies than pale skin.

More than half said having a bronzed body would give them more confidence during their first day on the beach.

Men fear exposing their tanless skin more than women, with 36 per cent admitting it is their top holiday worry compared with 29 per cent of women.

Kim Francis, marketing manager of Gatwick Airport, said: 'Gatwick Glow is designed to give our passengers a boost. We want them to head off on their holiday feeling great about themselves.

'And, with almost half of holidaymakers worrying about burning on the first day, we've partnered with St Tropez to offer the spray tan facility so passengers can fly off already sunkissed, which we hope will prevent them from overdoing it on the beach.'

The offer runs until Sunday, so go get your tan on if you're in London!


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