Six-figure shopping sprees? Check! Catfights? Check! One of the Prince of Brunei's 40 girlfriends? You bet. Jillian Lauren on her 18-month adventure in a modern-day harem.

Jillian Lauren quit New York University her freshman year to become a "party guest" for a "wealthy businessman in Singapore," and ended up spending a year-and-a-half in the harem of the Prince of Brunei. A lifelong nonconformist who chafed against her upper-middle-class upbringing, Lauren was living in the Southeast Asian sultanate by age 18, receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in gifts as one of the prince's 40 girlfriends. With the release of her memoir, Some Girls, Lauren — now 36 and living in Los Angeles with her husband, Weezer bassist Scott Shriner, and their young son — talks prostitution, empowerment, and how, even when money is exchanged, feelings are always a factor.

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