Ladies! Is that a phone in your hand on your power walk? Cash stuffed in your sock? Keys in your waistband? And our personal favorite — lip balm in the bra? If this sounds all too familiar, we have the answer: The BootyWrap by Kathy Kramer (the designer of the oh-so-fabulous Invisibelt)! It looks like a sweatshirt tied around your waist; but its not. The BootyWrap is simply a flat, bulkless garment with sleeves and pockets. It’s machine washable and can be worn to the gym, yoga studio or for everyday errands. Finally you store your stash, cover your bum and remain hands free!
You’ll love the BootyWrap -- the smartest sleeves around! 

Shop the "BootyWrap" and other fabulous 'New Arrivals' HERE!
In Kuwait only at The-Manhattan.Net!

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