The other day we wrote a post on how men don't notice women in high heels, but now we find out that what they TRULY do notice doesn't require anything except for a small little tube... For years, we’ve assumed that when a man looks at a woman’s face, his gaze lingers on her eyes. But now, we are told that the mouth is the really eye-catching part of the face . . . especially if its owner is wearing red lipstick.

That won’t be news to anyone of either sex who has found themselves transfixed by an outstanding pout — say, the one belonging to Scarlett Johansson, or Angelina Jolie’s extraordinary, era-defining lips.

Scientists at Manchester University used eye-tracking software to show that in the ten seconds after meeting a woman for the first time, the average man will spend more than half that time looking at her mouth, according to a report in the Daily Mail.

"For centuries, women have painted their lips red to enhance their appeal. The practice dates back as far as the Ancient Egyptians, who used red lipstick and rouge to enhance their attractiveness." said Dr. Geoff Beattie, who conducted the research.

"Our research suggests that red lips and perceived attractiveness are still ­inextricably linked, with red lipstick the most powerful attractor, and one that ­significantly increases visual fixation," added Dr. Beattie.

Looks like all the "Single Ladies" will be heading to the cosmetics counter in search of a fresh tube of red lipstick for their upcoming holiday & new year's soirees! Find out how you can get the look below!

Before you begin the steps below, it is best to exfoliate your lips with a Lip Scrub By Sara Happ!
There's nothing better than nice soft lips before you apply any lip product ;)
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