When Seattle-based artist Adrienne Antonson describes her artworks as being “resourceful, sustainable, meticulous and pretty,” she certainly has a point. Indeed, this might well be the perfect description for the insects she creates, using only human hair and glue. Antonson toys with her audience’s emotions, making them want to take a closer look while at the same time suppressing a feeling of disgust. While some of her insects, like the fly trio above, seem only too real, others are clearly objects of Antonson’s imagination. Separated from her subject by only a hair’s breadth, Antonson’s work has an intimate quality, as she uses only hair from close friends, family or her own body. In the process of creating the insects, the time spent on each piece naturally connects the artist with her materials as well as those who donated them. She explains: “The meticulous process of working with such an intimate fiber inspires a meditation on relationships and connectivity.” Using recycled and sustainable materials for all her artworks plays an important role for Antonson, and, as suggested, human hair is a very personal material to work with. Antonson’s sculptures have been displayed across the U.S.

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