By now, I'm assuming everyone knows that we are huge "Sex & The City" fans! We just can't get enough of those 4 girls, their romances, and their fashion sense. For instance, just take a look at Carrie's outfit to the left. AMAZING!

Well, here are some fun random "Sex & The City (SATC)" tidbits we conjured up for your entertainment. Cheers!!! :)

10 Sexy Famous Flings-- That Weren't So Famous Back Then!

Remember the mighty famous "Carrie" name necklace our lovely SJP wore throughout the show as well as in the first SATC movie? It became such a huge sensation that every fashionista had to get her hands on one-- even the Mona Lisa (found this cute pic on Confashions)! LOLL!! Well ladies, get ready to start wearing 4 leaf clovers around your necks. Apparently, SATC stylist Patricia Field was asked which trend will inspire this time, and her answer was this 4 leaf clover necklace Carrie will be sportin' in the new movie... Hot, or not? You tell us!
We found this FABULOUS SATC-inspired cake on Exotic Events Q8 blog, and we think it would be the perfect accessory for your "Sex & The City 2" movie party (as soon as we can get our hands on a copy here in Kuwait)!  

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