Angelina Jolie's best-kept beauty secret is Shea Terra Organics! Shea butter has the highest absorption rate currently known of all oils. That means, that unlike coconut oil, cocoa butter, and similiar ingredients which merely sit on skin's surface, shea butter actually penetrates deep into the skin where it is needed to improve skin conditions. Its ability to absorb into skin assures its delivery of vitamins A and E as well as cinnamic acid which it is high in. Miombo Mango is a dedication to the dwindling Miombo forest. To promote sustainable living in the region we incorporate an extract made from the Miombo mango tree that is traditionally used to smooth skin. A decadent, sweet all natural mango fruit extract seals the deal for the fruit lover in you. Shea Terra Organics' fragrances come exclusively from plant essential oils and pure fruit extracts. People who are allergic to fragrances are generally allergic to them because they are synthetic chemicals. 99% Natural. Contains 40% Organic Shea Butter. Serious, anti-aging, dry skin formula for all day moisturization. Decadent, all natural mango extract whips this lotion into a dreamy, sweet blend.

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