Angelina Jolie's best-kept beauty secret is Shea Terra Organics! Indulgently thick and creamy, this silk and shea butter lotion quenches thirsty, dehydrated skin. From the sweeping Cape off South Africa's coast delicate wands of lavender are collected. The aromatic blooms whisper sweet nothings only the way a blossom of the Khoisan can. Growing in a region with flora found no where else on Earth, this lavender has developed a unique aroma reminiscent of neighboring geraniums, chamomiles and the like. This rare oil, known to promote cell regeneration, is added drop by drop into a vat of emollient skin pampering gems. 99% Natural. Paraben Free. No Artificial Fragrance. Contains 20% shea butter/oil.

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In Kuwait ONLY @ The Manhattan!

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