For you FABULOUS single gals, here is a cookbook for women celebrating the therapeutic power of food! Every woman knows that food is more than just fuel--it's self-medication that, when administered properly, with just the right amount of fat, salt, sugar, and chocolate, can cure everything from a bad breakup to a full-fledged identity crisis. Whether a gal is feeling starved for attention and ready to bask in her own limelight (Diva Dishes), or looking to add a little kick to her romance (Nude Food), Culinarytherapy features recipes to feed her every need.

*Fed up and ready to blow your lid? Let off some of that steam with a Recipe for Revenge like Fried Men and deep-fat-fry that pent up angst in effigy.

*Feeling a pang in the pit of your emotional center? Fill the void with a comfort food recipe like Change Your World Chocolate Chip Cookies and soothe that emotional tummy ache.

  • *Thirst for meaning? Transcend with some Food for the Soul like Tranquility Chicken and nourish your body and spirit.

  • Other recipes include Self-Esteem Salad, Be Your Own Best Friend Fries, Dump Cake, and Healthy Boundary Burritos, as well as fun sidebars like food facials, Cinematherapy moving viewing suggestions for every chapter, Beige Food for When You're Feeling Khaki, and more! Purchase your copy today on Amazon.


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