Here at The Manhattan we always get a fuzzy warm feeling whenever we hear about or see someone doing a great deed that aims to improve our community, society-- or our WORLD as a whole. We have decided to begin "The Manhattan's Woman of the Month," and our first empowered woman (for the month of July) is:

Ghalya Al-Dhafiri
Date of birth:  April 20th 1991
Occupation: Student & Self employed artist selling & custom making artwork, paintings, photography & graphic designs online.

Ghalya is a local Kuwaiti designer who has just recently launched her first apparel accessory, "The Promise," which was motivated and contributed as charity to the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF).

"The Promise" is a gold plated stainless steel bracelet, priced 32KWD (that's $110) in which 20% is donated to UNICEF. You can order these bracelets by calling+965-6099-9781 or by ordering them online via credit card HERE. For more information about Ghalya visit her blog HERE.

Congratulations on your achievement Ghalya, and keep up the excellent work! :)