A British woman was arrested and charged with indecency for wearing a bikini in Dubai Mall, the Daily Mail reports.

Things kicked off when the vacationer, fully dressed and wearing a low-cut top, was shopping in the mall -- known as the world's largest shopping center -- and was approached by an Arab woman who criticized her for flashing too much skin, according to the paper.

After exchanging harsh words with the local and allegedly telling her to "mind her own business," the offended Brit reportedly began stripping off her clothes in protest, getting down to just her bikini.

Mall security then reportedly called the police, who are still questioning the "bathing beauty" in a Dubai police station.

"The British woman was wearing a very low top and most of her legs were on display," a Dubai police source told the Daily Mail.

"The Arabic woman stopped to criticize her and that's when she stripped off. That's when things started to get out of hand.

"We ended up questioning both women after receiving a call from the mall security staff."

Dubai Mall is reportedly plastered with signs urging female shoppers to "wear respectful clothing," and last year there was another incident of a man who had been arrested in the city for his racy Marc Jacobs T-shirt which featured the one and only Victoria Beckham. And then there were the incidents of the men who got arrested for giving "middle finger salutes."

Obviously, stripping was a bit out of hand, but did she have a right to get angry? Aren't several other "sinful" things considered "legal" in Dubai? Seems a bit contradicting. Hmmm... Your thoughts?

Naomi Campbell testified before a war crimes tribunal Thursday, confirming that she had received some "dirty-looking stones" after a 1997 dinner party with former Liberian ruler Charles Taylor. Still, the supermodel said she didn't know if the stones were actually diamonds or if the gift came from Taylor himself.

Campbell, an extremely reluctant witness at the Special Court for Sierra Leone, was being questioned in Taylor's war crimes trial about claims made by actress Mia Farrow. Farrow had said Taylor gave the model an uncut diamond or diamonds after an event hosted by then-South African President Nelson Mandela at his presidential mansion in Pretoria.

Prosecutors had hoped Campbell would provide evidence that Taylor traded guns to neighboring Sierra Leone rebels in exchange for uncut diamonds — sometimes known as "blood diamonds" for their role in financing conflicts — during Sierra Leone's 1992-2002 civil war.

After fighting for months to avoid testifying, Campbell arrived at the courthouse in Leidschendam surrounded by a police escort. In contrast to her usual edgy fashion style, the British supermodel wore a demure cream two-piece outfit and piled up her straight dark hair into a classic chignon.


Those who don't know about it, should CARE to learn about it.

Freedom should NOT be taken for granted by anyone. It should be embraced...

The Up Yer Pole pole dancing school in Scotland has begun offering classes for elementary schoolers ages six to 12. Up Yer Pole calls the lessons “pole fit” classes, alleging they are gymnastics classes with no sexual dancing and are open to both girls and boys.

The move has sparked outrage among worried parents and child-care campaigners - with one claiming it verges on kid porn. One horrified mum - who emailed Lanarkshire-based Up Yer Pole for more info on their £5 tutorials - said: "The lessons are promoted as a way to keep fit. But they're so closely linked to the sex industry that it's really sleazy."

The kids' classes were even linked to a website offering nipple tassle twirling lessons. The under-16s lessons have already begun and are being held above the Cotton Club nightspot in Wishaw, Lanarkshire.

Police sketch of the wanted cat mask-clad robber: NY Post
Police in New York City are on the hunt for a cat mask-wearing woman who is accused of robbing shoe and beauty stores, the New York Post reports.

According to the paper, the feline felon has allegedly robbed the "Arche" shoe boutique in the East Village neighborhood of Manhattan, as well as a Queens branch of The Body Shop.

Though the purrrrfectly mischievous thief (reportedly estimated to be 5-foot-6, 115 pounds, and of Middle Eastern descent) opted for a cat mask disguise during her shoe-store heist, she hit up The Body Shop as a "Burqa Bandit" clad in a black scarf, police sources say. She has reportedly walked away with $586 worth of stolen goods.

Now that's what we call a feline fatale... Meow...

A nurse famously photographed being kissed by an American sailor in New York's Times Square in 1945 to celebrate the end of World War Two has died at the age of 91.

Caption: Happy sailor kissing nurse in Times Square during impromptu VJ Day celebration following announcement of the Japanese surrender and the end of WWII. (Photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images)


Doesn't look like England's having a good week at the World Cup!

A bizarre incident at the team’s hotel in Sun City saw the team’s entire kit of jersey, shorts, socks and sweat suits covered in a disgusting mess after a sewage drain overflowed and flooded the storage room where the uniforms were being kept. Equipment manager Tom McKechnie and his assistants were forced to spend all day Monday washing and rewashing the all-white clothing to avoid it being ruined by dark stains. Read the full story HERE.

Five women presenters have resigned from the Arabic news channel Al-Jazeera after being accused of not dressing modestly enough. The women claim that they were harassed by a senior editor who complained about their make-up and their failure to cover their hair.

Read the full story HERE.

If you're headed to the beach, you may not want to wear a swimsuit with a certain color combination. A newly released study shows that a majority of shark attack victims in Florida were wearing black and white swimsuits. Eek!

Read the full story HERE!

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