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Yesterday's News, a brand of cat litter made from recycled paper, put together a do-gooder design challenge in NYC to create eco-friendly pieces made of paper. Designers like Samantha Pleet participated, creating over-the-top pieces that rival any dress made of fabric. Watch Samantha's entire process of creating her super-cute frock below:

Eight models wearing designs created from recycled packaging materials recently took to the runway for the "Project SUBWAY" fashion show. The fashion show was part of the Celebrate SUBWAY event produced by special events company, In the Loop-Chicago, during the restaurant chain's recent world franchisee convention held at the McCormick Place Convention Center in Chicago, Illinois. This year's convention was attended by about 5,000 people from 56 countries.

Chicago-based costume designer, Elsa Hiltner, created each design with recycled packaging used in SUBWAY restaurants.

One model wore a bodice created from a SUBWAY Lunch Box package, with floral detail made from a SUBWAY Cookie Bag. A looped skirt was made from SUBWAY Cookie Bags as well. Half of each Cookie Bag - a full 50 percent - is made from recycled materials while the lunch box is made with 10 percent recycled material and SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) fibers. The SFI logo is proudly displayed on the lunch box.

The focus of the fashion show was to bring attention to the SUBWAY chain's on-going efforts to make the company and its restaurant operations more environmentally friendly.

Commenting on the fashions on display, Elizabeth Stewart, Marketing Director, who oversees the Subway chain's sustainability efforts, said "Subway continues to show that you can EAT FRESH, be sustainable and look great!"

Some of the chain's environmentally friendly efforts include the opening of eight certified eco-stores, with several more in various stages of development, that are designed with an emphasis on energy efficiency and water conservation. Since 2006, all new and remodeled restaurants have used low flow faucets, saving more than 78 million gallons of water annually.

At each restaurant, the chain uses napkins made with 100 percent recycled fiber with up to 49 percent post consumer content; towel and tissue products made with 100 percent recycled material and up to 75 percent post consumer content; and mops made from 100 percent recycled material (the mop contains recycled cotton from socks, t-shirts and recycled soda bottles and the handle is made from recycled plastic bottle caps). Salad containers and their lids are made from recycled plastic Coca-Cola brand soda and water bottles with a redesign that makes them more efficient to pack and ship, ultimately reducing the amount of trucks on the road needed to deliver the product.

In 2009 alone, the SUBWAY chain's initiatives preserved 146,880 trees; cut carbon omissions by 123,751 metric tons; reduced 17.3 million truck miles; and saved 3 million gallons of diesel fuel, says the company.


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Enjoy this fun video! ;)
Recycling mobile phones and other consumer equipment
Motorola is a strong proponent and supporter of global environmental sustainability and recycling programs. On our own and in partnership with our carriers, customers, retailers and recyclers, we operate takeback programs across the globe.

Recycling mobile phones and other consumer equipment
Small products such as mobile phones, two-way radios, batteries and accessories can be dropped into our ECOMOTO Takeback bins at the following address:

Motorola Ltd

UASC Office Building
1st Floor, Airport Road
P.O. Box 330, Salmiya 22004

Kuwait Returned products are sorted to identify any components which can be re-used; other materials are recycled or disposed of in an environmentally responsible way.

Recycling business equipment
You should have received details on the process for dealing with waste electrical and electronic equipment from your Motorola sales channel. If you are not sure of the process, complete the Business Equipment Takeback Enquiry Form and a Motorola representative will respond as soon as possible.

Read more information regarding these wonderful green programs HERE, and let's help spread the word to the rest of our community!

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