A British woman was arrested and charged with indecency for wearing a bikini in Dubai Mall, the Daily Mail reports.

Things kicked off when the vacationer, fully dressed and wearing a low-cut top, was shopping in the mall -- known as the world's largest shopping center -- and was approached by an Arab woman who criticized her for flashing too much skin, according to the paper.

After exchanging harsh words with the local and allegedly telling her to "mind her own business," the offended Brit reportedly began stripping off her clothes in protest, getting down to just her bikini.

Mall security then reportedly called the police, who are still questioning the "bathing beauty" in a Dubai police station.

"The British woman was wearing a very low top and most of her legs were on display," a Dubai police source told the Daily Mail.

"The Arabic woman stopped to criticize her and that's when she stripped off. That's when things started to get out of hand.

"We ended up questioning both women after receiving a call from the mall security staff."

Dubai Mall is reportedly plastered with signs urging female shoppers to "wear respectful clothing," and last year there was another incident of a man who had been arrested in the city for his racy Marc Jacobs T-shirt which featured the one and only Victoria Beckham. And then there were the incidents of the men who got arrested for giving "middle finger salutes."

Obviously, stripping was a bit out of hand, but did she have a right to get angry? Aren't several other "sinful" things considered "legal" in Dubai? Seems a bit contradicting. Hmmm... Your thoughts?

8/6/2010 01:56:16 am

I'm mystified by Dubai's morality, it's okay to have beer, parties and all that jazzy stuff and yet people have to watch out for what they where when they go out. Hmm, sounds like they can't make up their minds.

8/6/2010 01:58:32 am

I hear prostitution is also legal-- which makes it even more contradicting...?


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