For those of you ladies who are Barbie lovers and traveling to New York this summer, this event is for you!

"For 30 years Barbie® has celebrated diversity around the globe with the Dolls of the World Collection, featuring dolls adorned in native costumes. This summer, the best of the collection comes together for the first time, representing more than 40 nations across all seven continents through a special exhibit on Ellis Island.

You can celebrate the 30th anniversary by visiting the exhibit at the Ellis Island Immigration Museum throughout the summer from June 16th - August 15th.

Later this summer, a special closing ceremony will take place on August 6th at the base of the Statue of Liberty. Ten diverse models wearing reproductions of some of the most celebrated costumes from the Dolls of the World Collection will "come to life" and showcase their traditional garb. While each model walks, the audience will learn cultural and fashion facts about each country. The show will be held at 10 am, 12pm, and 2pm ET on August 6th in Liberty Island."

Click on the photos below to zoom, and click HERE for more info! :)


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