We received these heartbreaking news from the PAWS Kuwait team. If there is any way you can help, please contact them. Their matter is extremely time-sensitive, and it can affect the lives of hundreds of innocent animals. Every KWD counts. Please feel free to re-post and help spread the word about this unfortunate situation. Remember, these loving animals depend on US for survival. Thank you!
PAWS is the oldest animal rescue centre in Kuwait. Started in 2004 by a group of willing volunteers it has grown over the years and has in its 5 years rescued thousands of animals from the streets of Kuwait. PAWS is now facing its biggest crisis since it opened its doors to the sick, homeless and injured animals of Kuwait in 2005. Come this November we have been ordered to vacate the property we have as our shelter in Wafra and as yet we and our hundred plus animals have no new shelter to go to.

A piece of land has kindly been donated by Sheik Nawaf Al Sabah but having plans drawn up and a shelter approved is just the first step, we simply do not have enough money to build the new shelter. PAWS has been reliant upon generous donations from the public and the huge efforts we put in each year to raise the funds needed to operate the shelter. We hold several large fundraising events each year including the Puppy Ball and the Dog Show in the British Embassy Gardens. This year as always the monies raised have quickly ben swallowed up by veterinary bills, food deliveries and operating costs. It has been a real struggle for most of this year being the only shelter with its doors open to homeless and injured animals to just keep going. We have been overflowing for most of this year. Staff and volunteers alike have been pushed to the limits. Being overcrowded has also eaten into whatever money we had set aside to begin building our new shelter and we find ourselves with weeks to go before eviction with not even the foundations laid.

We have been forced to set ourselves a target in the interim of housing whatever animals we can in makeshift porta-cabin accommodation on the new site until such time as we have enough money to start building. This is by no means ideal but we have been left with very few alternatives. For the past month PAWS has been unable to take in anything except the absolute emergencies, 2 cases of animals being shot, a dog injured in a road traffic accident and a beautiful black labrador, bound and gagged and tied to the floor and left to die in the heat.

This is where PAWS now desperately needs help from YOU, the public of Kuwait. Our animals have no voice and are unable to get up and help so we have to do it for them. We appeal to anyone who is an animal lover to help in any way they can. It is not only the 120 animals currently in our care we are worried about but all those desperate animals out there we are currently unable to help. We need to get fully operational again as soon as possible

First and foremost we are in desperate need of Porta cabins to house our animals in the short term. These could be second- hand as long as they are in a reasonable condition. We also really need working air-conditioning units, lots of metal for building cages and pens and tiles for the floor. If any individual or company is prepared to help with any of the items we need we will be so very grateful.

When the time comes to move we need lots of help to move animals from one site to another several kms away, make the cabins safe, paint, or help in any way possible to clean up the site, or just babysit and walk the animals whilst those who can do DIY get stuck in. If you are in a position to volunteer than we would be delighted to hear from you.

But right now the most important thing we need is money-- and lots of it. PAWS staff and volunteers have dedicated years to looking out for the animals of Kuwait and we do not want to stop now. We have helped thousands of animal lovers when they had no-where else to turn and now it is our turn to ask for help. Our vision is within our grasp if we can just find enough money to start the building project and make a safe home for our helpless animals then PAWS could be around in Kuwait for years to come. Every donation no matter how small will help us reach our target.

If you are in a position to help in any way, donate equipment, time or volunteer in any way then please contact Jan at pawsq8@yahoo.com. If you wish to make a donation or money transfer then please use this account. Every KD will go to help build a new shelter.

ABK (Ahlia) bank of Kuwait.
Ahmadi Branch
Name. Finley McLusky
Mustafa Karam Co
Block 15
Ground Floor No 1
P O Box 1387
Safat 13014
Account no 0614772365100
Swift code: ABKKKWKW

From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for helping the Animals of Kuwait

-The PAWS Team

Just had to share! LOL! Have a happy day!
-The Manhattan Team


You now have the opportunity of taking the tea with the big kings and queens of the fashion industry! These Karl Lagerfeld, Jean Paul Gaultier, Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer and Donatella Versace teabags will settle down comfortably around your cup and will share with you their vision of style! Cute!

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Watch the full video below!

Yesterday's News, a brand of cat litter made from recycled paper, put together a do-gooder design challenge in NYC to create eco-friendly pieces made of paper. Designers like Samantha Pleet participated, creating over-the-top pieces that rival any dress made of fabric. Watch Samantha's entire process of creating her super-cute frock below:

We just heard that someone at a German royal wedding wore FootzyRolls Luxe!

We wonder who it was... Hmmm...

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Researchers at Imperial College of London and a company called Fabrican are perfecting an aerosol fabric that can be spritzed onto the body to create T-shirts, dresses, and even pants for those who can never get them tight enough.

The canned couture will be on display this week at the college's Science in Style fashion show.

How does it work? The aerosol technology creates a thin layer of light, textured, nonwoven fibers that have the look of interconnected snowflakes. Fabrican says its benefits include allowing wearers to "personalize their wardrobes in infinite combinations."

According to Fabrican, the sprayed fabric can be peeled off, washed, worn again, perfumed, and even decorated to create patterns. In the demonstrations, researchers create an elaborate dress on a model as well as a white, strapless blouse on a mannequin (watch video below), folding down its edges for a sweet ruffle above the bust. Green scrolls are sprayed on the blouse for decorative impact.

"When I first began this project I wanted to make a futuristic, seamless, quick, and comfortable material," Manel Torres, a Spanish fashion designer and academic visitor at Imperial College said in a statement.

"In my quest to make the fabric, I ended up returning to the earliest principles of the earliest textiles, such as felt, which were also produced by taking fibers and finding a way of binding them together without having to weave or stitch them."

Torres worked with Paul Luckham, a professor of particle technology, to make the fabric. No word on when the product will be available for retail. Watch the amazing videos below for more details!

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Eight models wearing designs created from recycled packaging materials recently took to the runway for the "Project SUBWAY" fashion show. The fashion show was part of the Celebrate SUBWAY event produced by special events company, In the Loop-Chicago, during the restaurant chain's recent world franchisee convention held at the McCormick Place Convention Center in Chicago, Illinois. This year's convention was attended by about 5,000 people from 56 countries.

Chicago-based costume designer, Elsa Hiltner, created each design with recycled packaging used in SUBWAY restaurants.

One model wore a bodice created from a SUBWAY Lunch Box package, with floral detail made from a SUBWAY Cookie Bag. A looped skirt was made from SUBWAY Cookie Bags as well. Half of each Cookie Bag - a full 50 percent - is made from recycled materials while the lunch box is made with 10 percent recycled material and SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) fibers. The SFI logo is proudly displayed on the lunch box.

The focus of the fashion show was to bring attention to the SUBWAY chain's on-going efforts to make the company and its restaurant operations more environmentally friendly.

Commenting on the fashions on display, Elizabeth Stewart, Marketing Director, who oversees the Subway chain's sustainability efforts, said "Subway continues to show that you can EAT FRESH, be sustainable and look great!"

Some of the chain's environmentally friendly efforts include the opening of eight certified eco-stores, with several more in various stages of development, that are designed with an emphasis on energy efficiency and water conservation. Since 2006, all new and remodeled restaurants have used low flow faucets, saving more than 78 million gallons of water annually.

At each restaurant, the chain uses napkins made with 100 percent recycled fiber with up to 49 percent post consumer content; towel and tissue products made with 100 percent recycled material and up to 75 percent post consumer content; and mops made from 100 percent recycled material (the mop contains recycled cotton from socks, t-shirts and recycled soda bottles and the handle is made from recycled plastic bottle caps). Salad containers and their lids are made from recycled plastic Coca-Cola brand soda and water bottles with a redesign that makes them more efficient to pack and ship, ultimately reducing the amount of trucks on the road needed to deliver the product.

In 2009 alone, the SUBWAY chain's initiatives preserved 146,880 trees; cut carbon omissions by 123,751 metric tons; reduced 17.3 million truck miles; and saved 3 million gallons of diesel fuel, says the company.

Normally, we write posts related to fashion, beauty & style, but Pataya Beach Thai Restaurant is one of our absolute faves-- we just HAD to feature it on our blog!
Pataya Beach is a hole-in-the-wall spot located in Kuwait City. It may not be much in appearance, but the food, the friendly Thai staff, & cleanliness more than make up for its lack of fancy decor. Not only is the food FANTASTIC, but it is also 100% AUTHENTIC & FRESH! We first found out about it in an airplane magazine article as a "place to eat while in Kuwait," & then we heard about it again via word of mouth. We also heard they filmed a cooking show episode there as well! After all this we just had to try it out! Here is what we ordered on Saturday:

-1 Tom Yum Shrimp Soup Bowl (enough for 2)
-2 Pad Thai Chicken (we like to order individual servings since we are huge Pad Thai fans!)
-1 Red Curry Chicken (enough for 2, since we ordered the individual Pad Thais)
-1 Vegetable Fried Rice (enough for 2, since we ordered the individual Pad Thais)
-2 bottles of water

The total for everything was around 8KD, so to top it all off it's also very affordable!

In the past we've also tried:
-Green Curry Chicken
-Toma Ka Soup Bowl

Overall, we give all of the food we've tried 5/5 stars! We've tried other Thai Spots around town (one of them being The Blue Elephant @ the Hilton-- which was horrible), but none of them have compared to the authenticity & freshness of Pataya Beach. Everything there is so nicely infused with fresh herbs and ingredients (lemongrass, mushrooms, etc). It truly is a hidden gem :)

Pataya Beach restaurant is located in Kuwait City (inside the travel agency mall behind the Kuwait Airways building)
Telephone: 2240-8052 (they don't deliver, but we noticed several people picking up take-away orders).
Has anyone else tried it? If so, let us know your thoughts!