Yes, we know this is old news, but we cannot help but to look back at this recreated moment!
What a lovely and romantic idea!

The scene for both is the same: the grounds of Broadlands in Hampshire where the couple posed first on their honeymoon in November, 1947. And that pose is strikingly similar for the second shot 60 years on.

View the similarities and differences HERE!
"...ABC has a problem with hot ladies in their undies" or so says plus-sized lingerie carrier Lane Bryant. Apparently, back in April Lane Bryant claimed the network attempted to shut-out their plus size lingerie commercial from airing and that they "demanded excessive re-edits and rebuffed it three times before relenting to air it during the final 10 minutes of ‘American Idol,’ but only after we threatened to pull the ad buy."

What we don't get is that ABC routinely airs Victoria's Secret commercials, as well as their annual fashion show, which feature half-naked women prancing around in stilettos. In our opinion, the Lane Bryant ad is a lot more tame than the VS lingerie campaigns. This controversy has led Landline TV to create a spoof on Victoria's Secret featuring skeletons in a blond wig trying to be "sexy."

What do you guys think? Is Landline TV trying to send a message regarding body image? Watch both videos below & let us know your thoughts!

Ladies, leading nail color brand OPI has released a free mobile version of its Nail Studio program for iPhone users. The app allows OPI fans to try before they buy with a virtual manicure that compares your skin tone against over 200 OPI shades. You are able to customize your screen hand to best match your skin tone, and then sample OPI’s huge range of colors on your virtual nails. Download the OPI Nail Studio app on iTunes for free!

Since April, this man has been counting down 101 uses for his ex-wife's wedding dress, and documenting it on My Ex-Wife's Wedding Dress! Hilarious! So what's his ex-wife's wedding dress been good for so far? Flossing, scarecrow, tablecloth, yoga mat, etc...
What do you guys think? Hungry? :-P
We have MANY wonderful customers, and thanks to you FootzyRolls are becoming a big hit! We have already sold out of the "Small" & "Large" sizes, and we only have "Medium" sizes left. Once again Here is the sizing chart:

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"Moesha's" Shar Jackson shows us how she "gets down" on the dance floor after slipping on her FootzyRolls!
Here’s one use for fake goods we can get behind. More than $3.6 million worth of counterfeit goods in the form of 109,300 pairs of shoes, 10,000 pants, and 2,592 sweaters were seized in the Los Angeles/Long Beach seaports, but instead of simply trashing the fakes, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection decided to donate the items to those in need. Now, a variety of organizations including World Vision International, Soles4Souls, Samaritan’s Feet, and Shelter Partnership are set to receive a major infusion of clothing contributions, which will provide for hundreds in need. It truly warms our hearts to think that, finally, someone has realizedf all the excess in the world can be used for good. It calls to mind the Wal-Mart,  H&M NY and Urban Outfitters drama from earlier this year, where the retailers were destroying/throwing away tons of unsold merchandise in their trash bins. Interestingly, all of the designers who were knocked off with these counterfeit items agreed to the donation, meaning fashion’s feeling especially altruistic lately.


Urban Outfitters' perfectly good trash ---->

By Bianca Posterli
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In an apparent bid to capture the hipster baby market, Huggies just released faux-denim diapers. We hadn’t thought about it before, but regular diapers do seem a little lame, don’t they? And once an infant is swaddled in the hippest of diapers, he or she can’t just keep wearing totally pedestrian baby clothes. No, if you go denim diaper, you’ll want to dress your kid in a hipster outfit. Complete the "hipster" look with the pieces below:

By Lily Q
If you’re hosting a "LOST" season finale party (or attending one), make sure to pick up some Dharma Initiative snacks and beverages for your fabulous gathering. Sultan Center, Carrefour, Geant and the local Co-Ops don't carry the brand?? What??? No worries! Just PRINT OFF these awesome labels for products from beer and wine (ahem) to chocolate bars and cashews, and your guests will feel like they’re lost on an island with a scary smoke monster. Rarrr! Have fun! :)

P.S. Btw, do any of you have any clue what the finale is going to entail?? We're curious!!!