We have completely SOLD OUT of FootzyRolls! New styles & colors arriving VERY SOON at The-Manhatan.Net! Keep checking back for the much anticipated arrival date of these beautiful ballet flats! :)


This is another one of those things that are "ridiculously expensive for no reason but that some idiot will buy anyway because it has a designer’s logo on it.” Yup.

Other items in this same category include:


Ed Hardy/Christian Audigier Condoms (as if the shirts weren't bad enough)...


...We thank you for all your "support!" The modern day brassiere turned 100 this month, and "The Today Show" celebrated with a magnificent montage of well-known bras, vintage ads, wardrobe malfunctions and industry factoids.

Enjoy! :)


Enormous black accessories seem to be making a fashion statement these days.

Who wore it best?

Here at The Manhattan we are HUGE animal lovers, and we advocate for their rights and all, but these PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) ads just make us say

" W T F ? "


View these crazy ads below & let us know what you think!

If you're headed to the beach, you may not want to wear a swimsuit with a certain color combination. A newly released study shows that a majority of shark attack victims in Florida were wearing black and white swimsuits. Eek!

Read the full story HERE!

Pink Cake Box from New Jersey has designed and brought to life these gorgeous award-winning mannequin cakes. We couldn't help posting about them and sharing these photos with you. Just take a look at all the fine details!

She kind of reminds us of Audrey Hepburn ;)


iClothing.Com has designed this LBiD (Little Black Dress) which is perfect for those iPad-obsessed fashionistas! It is made from cotton sateen, sells for around $90, and believe it or not, it is SOLD OUT on their site!! They have a Tee version for the guys (girls, we can wear them as well), and they are made from 100% soft cotton jersey.

What a random way to keep your iPad close to your heart. Would anyone be daring enough to wear one of these here in Kuwait???

Designer Hafsteinn Juliusson from Iceland has created a functional laptop case which doubles as a comfy cushion. Ideal for the workaholics around town, those boring plane rides, or for the dedicated student in your home...

Wish I had one of these when I was in university! :-P

By now, I'm assuming everyone knows that we are huge "Sex & The City" fans! We just can't get enough of those 4 girls, their romances, and their fashion sense. For instance, just take a look at Carrie's outfit to the left. AMAZING!

Well, here are some fun random "Sex & The City (SATC)" tidbits we conjured up for your entertainment. Cheers!!! :)

10 Sexy Famous Flings-- That Weren't So Famous Back Then!

Remember the mighty famous "Carrie" name necklace our lovely SJP wore throughout the show as well as in the first SATC movie? It became such a huge sensation that every fashionista had to get her hands on one-- even the Mona Lisa (found this cute pic on Confashions)! LOLL!! Well ladies, get ready to start wearing 4 leaf clovers around your necks. Apparently, SATC stylist Patricia Field was asked which trend will inspire this time, and her answer was this 4 leaf clover necklace Carrie will be sportin' in the new movie... Hot, or not? You tell us!
We found this FABULOUS SATC-inspired cake on Exotic Events Q8 blog, and we think it would be the perfect accessory for your "Sex & The City 2" movie party (as soon as we can get our hands on a copy here in Kuwait)!