The Body Scrub By Sara Happ Vanilla Bean (creator of the fabulous Lip Scrub) is back on our virtual shelves! Just in time for the holidays! Shop for your own delicious body scrub before they sell out again!

About The Body Scrub:
Silky, not greasy. Hydrating, not oily. Gentle enough to do no harm, tough enough to remove even the roughest dead skin. You want to feel newborn soft, always. That’s not too much to ask. It is with much excitement and super-smooth skin that we present to you the latest creation from exfoliation expert Sara Happ, the scrub to beat all scrubs. Glow, baby, glow. What makes it wonderful: kukui nut, macadamia and sweet almond oils that leave zero residue behind (no small task to achieve, but we did) and space age-esque sugar crystals that are bigger and bolder than anything you’ve seen!

Shop Sara Happ HERE!
In Kuwait ONLY at The Manhattan ♥

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