Often the worst wardrobe mishaps—a missing button or broken bra strap—happen as you are running from meeting to meeting or chained to your desk with no sewing kit in sight. However, you can avoid a Janet Jackson-esque wardrobe malfunction and keep your chic office outfits looking tailored by using common office supplies. Here’s how:

1. Wardrobe Malfunction: Missing Button
Quick Fix: Double-Sided Tape
Let tape temporarily do the work of a button by taping the sides of your shirt together where the missing button reveals too much. Bonus: Unlike using the stapler to close your shirt, tape won’t permanently damage your cute blouses! You can also close the peek-a-boo space between buttons in the same way to prevent your bra or skin from showing.

2. Wardrobe Malfunction: Scuffed Shoes
Quick Fix: Sharpie
Touch up unsightly nicks and scuffs in your favorite pumps or hottest boots by coloring in the marks with a Sharpie of a similar color.

3. Wardrobe Malfunction: Broken Bra Strap
Quick Fix: Paper Clips or Key Ring
If your bra strap has snapped, simply tie the strap onto one end of a paperclip and hook the other end onto the metal loop at the base of the bra. You can do a similar MacGyver-like trick using a key ring.

4. Wardrobe Malfunction: Bad Hair Day
Quick Fix: Paper Clips
Most of us have experienced a midday bathroom break during which the mirror showcased surprisingly frizzy or flat hair. Or perhaps you got caught in the rain on your way to the office. This is another instance paperclips can come to the rescue. Use them as bobby pins or barrettes to create an emergency up-‘do or pin back unruly bangs. Who knows, you may even start a trend.

5. Wardrobe Malfunction: Runs in Pantyhose
Quick Fix: Wite-Out or Liquid Paper
Much like nail polish, Wite-Out will keep a dreaded snag in your tights or hose from spreading. Just dab a bit onto the frayed ends to halt the unraveling.

6. Wardrobe Malfunction: An Exposed Stiletto
Quick Fix: An Eraser
Few things are as annoying (and dangerous) as trying to walk in high heels that are missing the rubber or plastic covering of heel base. Prevent a slip by inserting the heel into a thick eraser or gluing a slim slice of a pencil-top eraser to the exposed metal. The pink rubber might not go perfectly with your favorite pumps but it will save you from a fall on hardwood or tile flooring until you make it to the cobbler.

7. Wardrobe Malfunction: Undone Hem
Quick Fix: Stapler or Masking Tape
No pins in sight to keep the hem of your pants or skirt from falling down? Simply staple the hem to your desired length. Thick trousers or jeans will be able to withstand the staple with minimal damage. Just be careful when removing them so as not to tear the material. A kinder, gentler, but less secure bet is lining the hem with masking tape.

8. Wardrobe Malfunction: Chipped French Manicure
Quick Fix: Wite-Out or Liquid Paper
Who hasn’t painted their nails with Wite-Out just for fun?! Use the stuff on your chipped French mani and you’ll look as if you’ve just come from the nail salon.

9. Wardrobe Malfunction: A Stubborn Zipper
Quick Fix: Pencil
There’s no need to battle a stuck zipper. Instead, color it with a wooden pencil, which will help lubricate the track so you can easily slide the zipper up or down. Genius!

By Kaboodle.com

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