Whether it's the extreme over-acting or the magical special effects, infomercials are like a train wreck we just can't not watch. From the Magic Bullet to Oxi-clean, the products for sale are endless and hilarious, especially when it comes to fashion. Where else can you buy spray-on tights, a wearable towel, and pajama jeans? From the comfort of your couch (or in our case, our desk chair), we've uncovered an Aladdin's cave of gadgets and goodies to round you out, cover you up, and get you looking your fashionable-ist, if these infomercials are to be trusted.

Let us know which one is your ABSOLUTE FAVE!

1. Nyce Legs Spray On Nylons
How nyce! But they forgot to mention that while "wearing" these babies, you can't touch anyone, sit on anything, or cross your legs.
2. The Wearable Towel
Double-strapped for the ladies, and a "masculine," one-shouldered version for the men.
3. The Designer Snuggie
They're finally here! Designer Snuggies in stunning zebra, classic camel, and luxurious leopard. We're holding out for the Chanel-branded ones.
4. The Bedazzler
Unleash your inner '80s glamazon and bedazzle your heart out! A true classic.
5. Pajama Jeans
On those days when even jeans feel too formal.
6. Bumpits
Scalp growths-- so trendy!
By: Kristen Pisaturo

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