British police officers are getting their panties in a twist over a new dress code banning the wearing of revealing or colorful undies underneath their uniforms while on duty, the Daily Express reports.

The new code affecting officers in England's West Midlands is cracking down on "inconspicuous" underwear that is not of an "appropriate color," according to the paper.

"It's ridiculous," one outraged officer told the Daily Express. "They are basically telling us what underwear to wear to work."

"A couple of sergeants have jokingly been saying there would be spot checks. It's totally outrageous."

"If I wear a pink thong I'm in trouble for exposing myself, but if I wear a nice sensible pair of knickers I'm going to get hauled up for exposing a VPL (visible panty line)," added a female constable.

"I don't know what they expect of me. I'd be better off going commando and not wearing any knickers at all.

"The same goes for male officers. They have been told they should not be showing their boxer shorts to the general public when they are on duty."

A West Midlands Police spokesman told the paper that officers should "adopt a common-sense approach" to their underwear choices.


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