Every shelter dog and cat deserves a Kuranda bed! The Animal Friends League of Kuwait (AFL) is asking for help to make sure every one of their animals has a comfortable and safe bed. Follow the link towards the bottom to donate a bed today. The beds are sent directly from the U.S. to the AFL shelter in the donor’s name at a special discounted price.

Every Shelter Animal Needs A Kuranda Bed! Kuranda Quick Facts:
  • Patented, guaranteed "Chewproof" designs for kennels, shelters and chewing puppies
  • Soft, off the floor comfort
  • More supportive than pillow beds
  • Lasts for years
  • Easier to clean and deodorize than pillow beds
  • Replaceable fabrics and parts
  • Machine washable slipcovers and fleece pads
  • The choice of professionals
Animal lovers across the country are making a world of difference for homeless dogs by donating a soft, dry off the floor Kuranda bed to sleep on. The calming effect reduces stress levels and helps to promote adoption-- and every shelter pet deserves a loving home :)



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